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Your loads are simply too hot for plated bullets.
I agree. Yours are WAY too fast for a plated bullet. I load a lot of 30-30 also and typically use the 100 gr Speer plinkers with 12 grains of Unique and this is a deadly accurate combo and chrono at about 1700 + FPS.. I was recently given a box of the 110 gr. JHP and they shot well also. I think you can get the plated to shoot well but will need to reduce your loads and Unique at 8-12 grains ahead of nearly any cast bullet is 'old school' reduced 30-30 data. You mentioned a Lee crimp die so I assume you mean the 'Factory Crimp Die' - if that is it good but don't crimp too tightly. I am hitting a 2" gong at 50 yards with an 1899 Klondike Sporting Rifle with the Speer Plinker loads.

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