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Default Try an 'M' die....

I wonder if the cartridges aren't 'shrinking' in the magazine because there is no good way to crimp plated bullets.

I've only used plated for special reasons and find lead, coated lead or jacketed to give the best results. I love shooting the plinkers plus the fact they are cheaper than other manufactured bullets.

I wonder rather than crimping, using an 'M' die to set the depth the bullet can go in would help??? I see Lyman makes one for the 30-30 Win under $25. There's another .30 cal M die but it says it's not to be used on the 30-30. 4198 seems to be the ticket in the IMR powders.

A really good IMR powder especially for reduced loads is SR 4759, if you can find any, because it is supposed to be discontinued but I still see it on the shelves.

PS Looking on the IMR website data 3031 doesn't look suitable for what you are doing.
I've used Unique and IMR 4759 for loads under 2000 fps. IMR 4198 gets around 1800 fps.
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