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Originally Posted by Inspector-Callahan View Post
Regarding the Model 60 Target, was that a very limited run too? A 60-? Also, did the Magnaporting come from the factory? Other than that, it looks like a stainless copy of the 36-6. Nice gun!
Many, many thousands of the 3" Model 60 Target have been made over the years. They began way back in 1990 in 38 Special at the -4 engineering revision (product code 102298). That is the year after the 615 3" Model 36 Target were produced at the -6 engineering revision.

The 3" Model 60 Target revolvers are still being produced today in 357 Magnum (product code 162430).

My factory Mag-Na-Ported version is a Lew Horton Exclusive offering from 1997 called the Model 60 Small Hunter (product code 102432). Only 182 were ever produced. It is just the only 3" Model 60 Target that I have photographed for comparison.

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