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Originally Posted by colt_saa View Post
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You have a fine little revolver there. Many fellow forum members own and cherish that variation ofthe model 36.

Typically Smith and Wesson stands by any Model numbered J-frame to be capable of safely firing 38 Special +P ammunition.

The more powerful ammunition will slightly accelerate wear and tear on the firearm so that may be a factor to keep in mind.

Holsters will be much easier for you to find if you look for them to fit the 3" Model 60. Many holster manufacturers will not even be aware that these 615 full lug Target variations of the Model 36 revolvers were ever manufactured.

As you can see the 3" Model 60 Target has near identical proportions. It was manufactured in both 38 Special and 357 Magnum. The Magnum being about 1/8" longer. Not an issue for holster choice

I called S&W a year ago about my 3in Model 36-1. They told me no +P unless it is stated on the barrel. Lawyers instructed them I'm sure. I have read enough here to know for defensive purposes they are fine. For target practice, I use standard pressure except a couple cylinders of Gold Dot short barrel to stay proficient.
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