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It's surprising that after such a long drought of them not having any 158gr JSP/JHP available that they finally do. I'm glad to see that.

A month ago I saw they had (2) orders available & grabbed (1) of the 158gr JHP. They mic @ .3575" avg diameter & 158.4gr avg from a random sample of (10). Very uniform & shoot great. I like them.

I tried their new 125gr JTC-HP (it's a truncated cone hollow-point that looks like it's more for an auto-pistol but has a cannelure) a while back & even though I'm not a light bullet guy, they shot very well. Just needed to go (10) clicks up on the rear sight from my 158gr setting. They run .3571" & 124.9gr average.

I also like their .40 165gr & 180gr JHPs for my 40s & 10mm as well as there 185gr JHP in my 45ACPs. I use their 230gr JHPs too, even in my 45 Colt loads.

Yeah, I'm a Zero fan.

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