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Default Trigger Question on New-to-Me Model 60-15

I picked up a used 60-15 3" a few weeks ago at a LGS. The store owner, who is a good guy, said the guy who traded it in claimed it had never been fired. I didn't really care about whether it had been fired or not because it was exactly what I was looking for, the trigger pull seemed nice, the price wasn't inflated, was going to be fired quite a bit by me.

I put 30 rounds through it to verify function and determine I didn't like the grips. I bought crimson trace grips for it and did a thorough cleaning while installing the grips.

All is going well until I decided to measure the trigger pulls. DA weighed in right at 10 lbs. and SA was just a tick below 2 lbs.

I'd never experienced a revolver with that much of a discrepancy between DA and SA. I knew the SA was light but that was lighter than expected. The trigger return also seems a little sluggish compared to a new M&P R8 i picked up last week (yes, it's been a nice few weeks on the revolver front for me!).

Does that sound normal? Or, do you think the previous owner played around with the trigger? I'm new to S&W revolvers so I'd appreciate any suggestions on what might have done to the trigger and what to check (cut coils, etc.).

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