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Default Help with new M and P shield issue

I just got a new M and P shield 9mm a few days ago. I am relatively new to handguns except for a Ruger Mark 3 target pistol I have owned for many years. I bought the M and P for concealed carry after completing the course and getting my permit. I was able to rent one at a local range and it fit my hand well and I was able to hit center mass consistently with it.

Finally got time for a short trip to the range today just to test it out. I am having trouble with the slide getting stuck in the rearward position very consistently. I am not having jams or failures to feed, the slide just gets caught rearward. The slide release button is not engaged and depressing it does nothing, the slide is just stuck. A firm tap to the back of the slide is required to get it to move back forward. When it does move back forward it feeds the next round in with no problem. It did this with 2 types of ammo and happened at least once on every magazine worth of ammo I shot. I did not have time to shoot a bunch of rounds today just checking the gun for function really so probably about 25 rounds total and at least 7-8 times this problem occurred, including after the very first round.

I don't think I am "limpwristing" but as a novice admit this is a possibility, though I did not have any problems with the this problem with the gun I rented. I also purchased a Ruger LCP II and shot it today ~25 rounds with no problems. Any help or advice much appreciated.
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