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Originally Posted by turnerriver View Post
Good post, Phil. I've been interested in Wolfram's holsters for quite a while. One minor point- S&W might well have co-opted the name but their Blazer line consisted of " Wessonhide" holsters made of some unnatural material, they were in my opinion really ugly clunky holsters.
These two Colt Woodsman holsters are pretty much identical other than the logo.

I remember wesson hide or wessonhide but was not able to
find much about it. I don't think it went over well.

There is an S&W 1978 catalog and fit chart here on the forum,
posted by ko41 8/29/09. It shows several Blazer models all
made of leather.

There is also a S&W 1982 catalog/Bangor-Punta archives
on the net that shows some leather Blazers.

Calling the wessonhide holsters Blazers was probably an
attempt to capitalize on their popularity.

If anyone has some wessonhide or wesson hide how about
showing it here?
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