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Originally Posted by swsig View Post
One thing you can try before you send the gun back is to lube the heck out of it using gun grease, not oil. I know S&W says to use only seven itty-bitty drops of oil to lube the Shield, but when it's new and tolerances may be too tight, feel free to use more -- a lot more. Place a thin layer of grease all over the barrel and on the top and sides of the barrel hood. Do the same on the inside of the slide where the hood makes contact, and on the inside of the port at the front of the slide where the barrel emerges. Then apply the seven drops in the appropriate locations. Finally, rack your Shield a couple of dozen times to insure that the lube is all distributed.

As to the brand of grease to use, I've had good experiences with both Slip 2000 Extreme Weapons Grease, and with Mil-Comm TW25B Synthetic Grease. The Slip 2000 seems to be a bit "slippier", so you might start with it. My Shield .45 locked back a couple of times while being broken in, but it hasn't happened since I started using Slip 2000. A syringe of Slip 2000 will last a for years, as a little goes a long way.

If it still acts up at the range after a heavy lube job, then it will need to go back to S&W.

Good luck!
What he said.

Im sold on ExtremeWeaponsGrease also and my 4 Shields run like sewing machines

Light oil on the internals and pivots and EWG on all the rail retainers/barrel and slam points.(IE:the seat end of the RSA and barrel lock pocket)

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