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7 weeks, ouch. I called S and W today. They said they'd be glad to take it back for a look or suggested that I put another 50-100 rounds through it to see if it loosens up. I was able to break away at lunch and shoot a box of 50. I continued to have a problem up through the last magazine(but my shooting was better, maybe because I wasn't so distracted by the gun messing up and concentrated on my shooting more) so I called them back and it is going back for repair. I have found some other threads here about this same problem. I did take note that when this occurs the barrel has no play in it and a gentle tap on the muzzle will free the slide whereas it takes a pretty good wack on the slide to do the same thing, so I am certain I am having the problem described by the first guy to respond in this thread. I also loaded the chamber and took the magazine out and shot it and had the same problem so not a magazine issue.

This really sucks. 10 weeks to get my carry permit now this. Hope it doesn't take 7 weeks to get it back, and it works properly when it comes in. It's going to take a lot of rounds without a hitch before I really trust it though.
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