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10 pound trigger pull in DA and sluggish return? I bet you have a lighter rebound spring installed. The stock rebound spring is 18 pounds, I believe, and has a bluish paint on it. SA of 2 pounds seems in the normal range.

With some work I've gotten my 640 Pro down to about a 9.5 pound trigger pull with a 12 pound rebound spring, and I have a 642 with a 9 pound trigger pull with an 11 pound rebound spring and 8 pound hammer spring. 100% reliable.

To overcome the sluggishness one often needs to polish the return surface of the cylinder star that the hammer slides down over during the trigger return. Also some polishing where the cylinder stop engages the nose of the trigger may be needed as well.

If you don't want to do all that, it can be a challenge to get a consistent DA pull well below 10 pounds without having a sluggish trigger return. At least in my experience...
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