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Originally Posted by rednichols View Post
I do belong to one of those 'clubs' -- -- but what it has collected from the Albuquerque Weekly Journal is very small, and NO newspaper on the site turns up any mention of Wallace Wolfram.

It was not my intention to say that I had all the info; which is why I said "nothing in the record". There is anecdotal evidence about this and that and another lesser-known maker (like Wally, or Tex) but almost nothing is 'in the record'. Even a well-known maker like Baker still has almost nothing 'in the record'; though in his case I was fortunate enough to finally locate enough to know when he lived and died, and where!

By the time I joined the company even John Bianchi had almost nothing to say about Wally. Wally's name came up perhaps once, whilst his company was being absorbed by S&W; then never again. My goal is to gather this info up and set it out for posterity, so we're not guessing all the time. Hopefully next time Phil you'll pay the money and clip the article :-), 'cause I didn't find it.

Not unlike the Threepersons name; we simply never used it to describe a holster of that type. Then I find out recently, that Lorene's great grandson lived and died in 'our' hometown, Fallbrook, CA!
Albuquerque Journal from Albuquerque, New Mexico on February 11, 1946
Pat Baca and Wallace W. Wolfram of the city police department
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