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Default Shooting 52-2

Hey all,

Not sure if this is the right forum, but thought I would start here for this.

Today I took out my 52-2. I have only had for a few years, and have fired a handful of times. As I am slowly getting better with different firearms and reloading, I noticed an issue today that I thought was odd, and wanted to get peoples input.

For anyone who doesn't know, a Model 52-X is a target pistol that is very similar to a 1911, however it only fires .38 special Wadcutters.

Anyhow, the issue I noticed, was an awful lot of muzzle flip/recoil. What I thought was interesting, I was firing what I believe should be relatively light loads. The rounds were 148gr. Wadcutter and the boxes were marked 2.7gr. Bullseye. I did not reload these rounds, they were reloaded by a relative many years ago. I am just trying to run through some of the old reloads. I just thought for a relatively heavy firearm, with these loads, it should be pretty relaxed. Maybe its the 52-2, maybe its the loads?

Interested in thoughts.
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