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Some things worth adding...

We all find our own roads in handloading. This is merely my way of saying that if your methods work for YOU, I wholly endorse them for you. But it doesn't necessarily agree with what I have found.

I absolutely do not trim brass for a 52 (or any semiauto pistol) and I have a zero percent failure rate with my handloads in my 52's. I have (rarely) found some brass thick in case wall that didn't care for full wadcutter slugs, but I have found the absolute sweet spot with R-P headstamp non-nickel brass.

I have not ever tried cast double-ended or double-bevel base wadcutters, my preferred slig is the 148 grain swaged hollow-base wadcutter. I run them over 2.8 grains Bullseye and while I absolutely believe the folks who love W231 or WST, Bullseye is what I have in volume and boy does it work!

You said that your plan is 75 feet shooting. I merely wanted to mention that the swaged HBWC and Bullseye combo that I use is definitely "smoky" indoors, I know that some indoor ranges do NOT like this so please plan for this.

Because of this, I had inquired here (and elsewhere) about the possibility of using plated full wadcutter loads. Many have reported that accuracy is substandard. I did my testing anyway... and I found that I wholeheartedly agree. For plinking at physical targets (I love to shoot at empty 12ga hulls) the plated bullets work, but for precision shooting at paper, at their best they will NOT please you like the HBWC can/will... and at their worst they tend to toss flyers. Boy, I hate flyers because equipment related flyers can totally disrupt my confidence in my abilities.

Bottom line is that I took the experiences under advisement, still elected to try them myself and now I absolutely have the piece of mind & hands-on experience to know that I will NOT be using more of them in a Model 52. I will eventually gobble them up with my K-frames.

For the HBWC, I have had fine success with the Precision Delta bullet and they sell in bulk for a decent price.
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