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Default S&W SD9VE or M&P Shield 9mm

So I am looking for my first handgun within my price range. I am stuck between the two I listed above. I am looking for something to have for home protection and to take to the gun range. I have done my research and found that both are amazing pistols. I know that the Shield is a smaller gun. Typically used to carry since it is lighter. People say it is also better to use for the range. Also has a lighter trigger than the SD9. However I didn't really like how small it felt. It really only felt comfortable once I put the extended mag on it. The SD is a much bigger gun. Felt better on my hand. Also comes with 2 16 round mags when purchased new. Typically used for self defensive since the 8 pound trigger. But can you also use it for the range? Also isn't the ammo cost the same? I find that everyone I talk to leans towards the Shield. Typically it is a more expensive gun and people say if you can't afford it than the SD is fine as well. But after doing research I found that the SD9VE cost 240 after MIR and the Shield is 224 after MIR. Should I go for the Shield is its us salt more expensive and a better gun?
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