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Default you nailed it

Originally Posted by Krogen View Post
There is something about firearms passed down from those who went before us. To hold something they carried, used and often depended upon stirs my imagination. The old saying "if only they could talk" is truly appropriate.

I have my grandfather's Iver Johnson breaktop. Mom told me he he slept with it when he moved his family from Minnesota to Montana in the early part of the last century. Mom hadn't been born at that time and I was too young to know grandpa very well before he passed, so it's just a story. Still it makes my mind go wild. At a gun show, Grandpa's revolver might bring $50. To me, though, it's priceless.

Your situation is the same. You have an heirloom with a story behind it. I doesn't matter what it's worth in monetary value. It's priceless to your family. You have a little piece of your Grandfather's life to cherish for generations. Thanks for posting the story.
Thank you kind sir, great advice. It will stay on my wall so all can see it and get locked up when we leave for periods of time. This will be kept in the family and passed down.
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