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Originally Posted by Alk8944 View Post
You watched Larry Potterfield's video, didn't you? The windage screw must be turned to the right, not left, until it breaks. Then you can just push the sight slide to the left and unscrew the broken screw and but with your fingers. Once the sccrew has been broken by turning the wrong way about all that can be done is to drill the staked end out of the screw to allow the but to be removed as others have suggested!
Aaaah, I totally misunderstood you before!

You're saying that Larry's method is incorrect, and I should be going the OTHER way to break the screw, aren't you? That makes a lot more sense.

And I'm back in this thread because I had to do another blade and again, had to drill the nut out. I found a much faster approach - I used a tiny cutting bit on a dremel and cut a deep channel into the nut until I could reach the remains of the screw. One direct hit from a punch into the screw broke the nut and the blade fell out.

So yeah, just turning the screw the other way sounds a lot easier, lol.
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