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Default M&P 1905 Fourth Change Grip Question

Hello all, first time poster here. I recently picked up a square butt M&P 1905 fourth change at a LGS. It's in pretty good cosmetic shape and locks up like a bank vault. The s/n begins with 577xxx and there is a star at the end. Based on the homework I've done, that puts the gun manufactured in 1939, and having been back to the factory for service. This gun is not a British gun, Victory model, and does not have a letter in front of the s/n so in my mind we have a pre-war gun. The only inconsistency is that the gun appears to have post war magna grips on it. Does anyone know if they were putting those on in later production 1905's? I have seen other 1905's online with similar grips but most seemed to be lend-lease. The gun shows some wear around them suggesting they have at least been on for a very long time.I can't seem to figure out how to add a picture, but they look like the post war pre model 10 diamond grips, also no lanyard hole. Thanks in advance, I look forward to hear what you guys think.
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