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Unless you are engaged in some form of high-risk occupation or by necessity find yourself in an extraordinarily high crime environment, I would question any private citizen's need to carry two concealed firearms. Under normal circumstances, it is highly doubtful that the typical citizen will ever require even one concealed carry handgun - let alone two. There is a danger that one can, by over-thinking the topic, convince oneself that carrying two guns, or a bigger gun or whatever, is needed for personal safety. The best thing you can do for personal safety is go about your normal course of business while remaining under the radar and maintain normal situational awareness and don't go looking for solutions for unlikely and strictly theoretical problems.

In 13 years of law enforcement when I was paid to look for trouble and to respond to any type of incident 40+ hours a week, I never fired my gun outside the range and only maybe 5 or 6 times did I point my firearm at a bad guy. And on occasion, I worked some high crime neighborhoods. And this includes all my off-duty time just going about my private affairs. So, I would suggest putting things in perspective.
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