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Default Model 39-2 woes continue

Hi folks, I continue to try to solve a failure to eject problem with a 1972 era model 39-2. I posted earlier this year, and I thank all those that contributed then.

I have tried the super cleaning, and having all the springs replaced, checking the extractor( it's clean, groove is clear and crisp)

We have addressed the limp wrist grip concerns, even though I did not dismiss operator error. It jams with multiple people firing it, ones with SWAT memberships, team training position, and factory S&W sponsorship experience. Not operator error.

Which brings us to ammo. Gun wouldn't stomach Winchester white box, 115 gr. 9mm Luger. Gun worked with 124 grain (sorry I don't remember the brand) after changing back to the recoil spring that came with the pistol.

(Did I mention that my wife gave me the gun as a Christmas present, and I love it, and want to get it working correctly.)

So I have a weapon that needs more oomph to operate. I'm sure I can find carry ammo to meet the bill, and will test it to see if it works. That is a separate problem from practice ammo. The concern I have is the aluminum frame, and causing damage to it by firing NATO, OR +P ammo. I also don't want to spend more than necessary for shooting paper. Does anyone have any ideas about target ammo, that wight work without damaging the gun?

I look forward to hearing the community's thoughts. When the gun works, it's a dream. Thanks in advance.
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