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Default M&P Sport II MLOCK vs Ruger 556

I'm looking to purchase my first AR-15. I already have the S&W 15-22 Magpul Slimline MOE edition and love the furniture on it. I also love the rifle.

My LGS has the M&P Sport II with the Magpul MLOCK hand guard on sale for $519. The Ruger 556 is $469.00. Both seem to be really competitive prices. I live in Florida.

The Springfield Saint is on sale for $719 and I really like the look and feel of the gun. The furniture on it is a definite upgrade form both the Sport and the Ruger. But, I'm not sure it's worth an extra $200 bucks for what I'm going to use it for. (Home defense and plinking at the range)

I figure I could upgrade the parts for less than that on either rifle, however it has a mid-length gas system which in theory, is supposed to have less recoil and easier on the rifle.

They have an Anderson basic AM-15 for $399 with no sites, which looks like a good gun, but........for a few bucks more I can get a Ruger or S&W. There aren't a lot of reviews on this rifle, but it looks decent. (Bare bones mind you, which I don't mind.)

I have done some research and know both the Ruger and the Sport II are good entry level rifles and are very comparable.

I figure if I bought the Magpul MLOCK hand guard and put it on the Ruger, it would probably end up being the same price as the Sport II, so I think both are priced virtually the same. (I like the MLOCK hand guard on the Sport II and would probably put it on the Ruger if I bought it)

The key difference I see is that the Ruger has a 1:8 twist barrel vs. 1:9 twist on the Sport. I've read on this forum that that won't make much difference for my use.

Both have A2 front sites and the Ruger has that special screw release for the hand guard and has serrations to reduce glare on the front site.

The Ruger has a little nicer grip. The Sport has a better rear site - (Magpul)

The Sport II has a better warranty, but I have always heard Ruger takes good care of their customers.

My question is, can you give me some other reasons to buy the Sport II over the Ruger?

Otherwise, it seems to be a toss up.

I saw the Nutnfancy review on the Ruger 556 and was a little concerned that the Ruger had trouble with the gun feeding steel case ammo out of the box, but that seemed to be a lubrication issue. Even so, the Sport didn't have a problem feeding anything. Both guns seem to have good accuracy reports. He seemed to think the trigger was better on the Sport.

I would likely replace the stock on both of them as they both rattle, which I don't like.

I wish they made a Sport II with the same slimline Magpul furniture I have on my 15-22 including the stock.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.


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