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Default Bought first RDS... found out I have an astigmatism.

I bought my first AR (sport 2) a month ago. I'm hopefully suppose to get to shoot this weekend... I dont get to shoot often because we have no public ranges, so basically only get to go a few times a year when friends with land wanna go. So, because I know that it might be a while before I get to shoot again I went ahead and picked up my first RDS a Vortex Sparc AR today.

I tested the Aimpoint Pro , Sparc AR and Sparc II today. I first looked at the sparc ar and thought it had a fuzzy dot(round just fuzzy). I then tried out the Aimpoint and the dot looked identical( i thought it must be normal for RDS after viewing both), but moving the sight around the store I kept losing the dot... like could not see it at all. Had to give it back to the salesmen to make sure the battery wasnt dead. After going back and forth through the optics the Sparc AR was the best for me. I know Aimpoints are great but I kept losing the dot and when I could see it, it looked identical to the Vortex. The manager and salesman also spoke very highly of the Vortex AR and also felt for my needs it was the right fit.

Once I got it home I temporarily mounted it, as im trying to decide if I should go absolute or lower 1/3 co witness. As I was looking through the RDS out a window, I decided I better grab my RX polarized sunglasses because everything past 15 yards is fuzzy without glasses to me. I put them on and BAM!, theres that crisp, bright, perfect red dot I've heard so many talk about. After researching why is it clear only with RX polarized sunglasses, I read its due to an astigmatism. This sucks!

I thought maybe I can return the RDS for a prismatic optic, but the store receipt clearly says NO RETURNS ON OPTICS. The optic is great, my eyes suck, the return policy sucks... but im so happy I didnt buy the Aimpoint.

I wonder if Vortex would let me exchange it? Anyone have experience with their CS?

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