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I think you may have magazine problems, or your chamber needs to be polished. My 1976 39-2 eats any and all ammo. I use Win white box 115 gr all the time when target shooting.

Withe the aluminum frame you have to run the gun a little "wet". Meaning oil the rails well.

Once I bought an aftermarket mag, (I don't remember the brand) and it caused all kinds of problems. I returned it and got my money back. The original mags I got with the gun and two more Macgar mags work perfectly.

Try this; field strip the gun and with the barrel out of the gun place a live round in the chamber. Now tip the barrel with the muzzle up, the round should just fall out of the chamber all by itself. If it sticks in the chamber, have the chamber polished until a round will drop out. It does not take much to hang up a slide.
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