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Default M&P PC Shield 40 barrel question

Hey guys looking for some confirmation for my plans. I have a Performance Center Shield 40, it is my EDC. I went with the Performance Center because I felt like I got the most for money when I purchased it and I qualified for blue label pricing. I really liked the trigger over the standard Shield and the fiber sights were a plus. I would have preferred night sights but that model wasn't available at the time. And I do really like them shooting out doors.

One thing I didn't really need was the ported barrel. I like the look of the slide ports. But what I would like to do is replace the ported barrel with a nice after market without the ports. I can't think of any reason why it would matter but just looking for confirmation from the community just in case I'm missing something I should consider.

I would like to swap between barrels. I would have the non ported for EDC to be able to not have to worry muzzle flash/unburned powder in the eyes when shooting from retention. Then I could put the ported barrel in when simply target shooting if I so choose.

Thanks in advance for your input.

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