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Well boys and girls, since I am new to the antique market and have recently purchased a few model ones, (already own a model 2 army), I decided to continue the collection and have purchased this model 3.

As others have stated, it appears to be a 6" .44 Double Action Frontier. The stocks are homemade wood replacements so wondering what should go on this gun. I read that they can be either walnut or black hard rubber with S&W monograms. Serial number is 5439.

Questions and issues:

Will any model 3 stocks fit this revolver?

In the closed position holding the barrel and the grip in each hand, I can rock the gun ever so slightly forward and back. In other words there appears to be a little play in the frame and the catch. Is this normal or something that should be corrected?

With the gun closed, the cylinder spins freely. If the hammer is cocked, it will lock into place and not move. It locks up on all 6 chambers when thumbing the hammer back but there is a little play in the cylinder once in this locked position.

Since I am a newbie to the model 3, I know absolutely nothing about these guns other than the fact that I felt that I should own one.

Any thoughts or furthering of my education will be greatly appreciated.

PS: I just also noticed that there is a little forward and back movement of the cylinder with the gun closed.
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