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Originally Posted by DCWilson View Post
It has a lot of features in common with this Spanish "Fuskaro".38 of indeterminate age:

Fuskaro is almost certainly a misreading of the Basque word Euskaro, which is a form of the word the Basques apply to their own language and culture. The Esprin brothers (Esprin Hermanos) of the gun-making Eibar region produced revolvers associated with the name. I don't know if Euskaro would be considered a brand name or just a nationalistic designation tacked onto the primary Hermanos Esprin factory identity.

The frame modeling and contouring as well as the stud and screw positions seem identical between your gun and the photo I link to. The hammer spur profile and trigger guard shape are a little off, but those are pieces on which a precise configuration is not necessary for the revolver to function.

Maybe you can get to a firm identity from internet searches for both "Fuskaro" and "Euskaro" along with "Esprin" and "revolver."

Good luck with your efforts to identify the gun to the extent that will allow its import.
The way I see it, I believe that your opinion is the closest I am going to be able to get to identifying this gun. My father bought this gun in a port city of Peru (Callao) OVER 40 years ago. There is a significant amount of Spanish influence and trade there still. 40 years ago? It was Spanish central. Full of sailors and passers by from Western Europe there to fish. It just makes sense... Thank you so much for your help.
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