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Originally Posted by Wiregrassguy View Post
Welcome to the forums from the Wiregrass! S&W did not have model numbers when that gun was made. They used names to ID the model. That gun is, as has been stated, and was sold as the New Model Number 3 Frontier and all were chambered in .44-40 AKA the .44 Winchester Cartridge. It is an antique and can be mailed or shipped by common carrier directly to a buyer. If you mail it, you will have to register your FFL with the post office and probably put a copy of your FFL in the shipment. They have some new form you place on file. This is a Post Office requirement, not ATF since they consider it an antique.
it's just a personal pet peeve of mine but I just get bugged when I see or hear of a 1st model 44 DA being referred to as a New Model 3 / Number 3 etc.

This one is a 1st Model 44 Double Action Frontier. Yes, some call it a "New Model 3 Double Action" (you have to add that D/A) and while there's nothing I can to do change that (although when I hear it I cringe with the hairs on the back of my neck standing up and one eye starts twitching )

... PLEASE .... do not call it a "New Model 3 Frontier". Don't let anyone get the mistaken impression that the 1st Model .44 Double Action door stop is related to the "New Model No. 3" which was ( and still is to most hard core S/A guys) the premier large frame single action ever made, bar none .. unless you happen to be at a Colt Collectors meeting.

It's just that the New Model 3s are all single actions and just as sweet as can be while the 1st model .44 D/As are clunkers compared to the sweet action of the NM3s.

So, this one would be a 44 Double Action 1st models or New Model 3 Navy (Double Action) with the "Frontier" monicre which designates only that it was factory chambered in Winchester .44-40.

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