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Either one is a good choice. I own the Sport I and the Ruger AR-556. There is a story behind my AR-556, but it's too long to explain.
Cyphertext is correct about the BCG. But, I replaced mine with a PSA Premium (non logo) BCG. I am using my AR-556 BCG in an AR build I am currently working on.
A better AR to look into is the Bushmaster Patrolman. It's on sale for $499 (after $150 instant rebate). And, it has a chrome lined 1/9 barrel. IMO, that rife is equivalent to the Colt LE6920. The only difference in them is the Colts 1/7 twist barrel and the Bushmaster has a carry handle on it. Oh, and paying all of that extra money for a Gelding stamped on it.
If it were me I would look around a little bit more. There are A LOT of entry level AR's out there that have risen to the top here lately.
Also, a sports writer/shooter did a survey/test on (5) entry level AR's that "he thought" were the best. He chose the Sport II as the best. I made a post here about it but didn't realize the article was a few years old. As I stated earlier, there have been (IMH0) better AR's that have came along since that article was written.
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