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They are both good guns. Buy the one that has the hand guard you like. I have a Sport 2, and a cheaper Del Ton Sport. Both have been very reliable. I shoot mostly steel cased ammo, and the Del Ton has had the occasional stuck case that was difficult to eject. Very rare (twice in several thousand rounds), but a pain when it happens.

I'll reiterate what Kadonny said, the bore is not chrome lined on either. Most tests show that the benefits of a chrome lined barrel are mostly psychological - it "sounds" like it should be better, but it really isn't.

The difference in twist rate doesn't matter unless you are shooting bullets heavier than 69 grain, and that is unlikely for your stated uses. The unshrouded firing pin on the Ruger is unlikely to be an issue, either.

If you're going to change the hand guard on the Ruger, then just get the Smith.