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Originally Posted by Pef View Post
To overcome the sluggishness one often needs to polish the return surface of the cylinder star that the hammer slides down over during the trigger return. Also some polishing where the cylinder stop engages the nose of the trigger may be needed as well.

If you don't want to do all that, it can be a challenge to get a consistent DA pull well below 10 pounds without having a sluggish trigger return. At least in my experience...
I believe you hit the nail on the head!

I had some fun experimenting with the Wolff springs last night. I tried about every combination of 8 and 8.5 lb hammer springs with 13-16 lb return springs. I ended up going with the hammer spring that was in place when I bought it...guessing it's a 8.0 or well broken in 8.5 pounder. My guess is an 11 or 12 lb return spring was installed.

I ended up liking the feel of the trigger best with 14 lb Wolff return spring but it upped the trigger pull weight quite a bit to the tune of just over 3 lbs SA and probably 12 lbs DA (my gauge stops at 10). So, I compromised and went with the 13 lb Wolff return spring, which resulted in 2.5 SA and just over 10 DA pulls with a much better trigger return feel.

I believe polishing will definitely be required to get close to a 9 lb pull without a sluggish feel to the trigger return. I'll need to do some reading and video viewing to see if I want to go that route. For now, I'm gonna try smoothing it out through range time.

All in all it was a nice evening with my model 60. I learned a few things. I found a small Philips screwdriver that made for an excellent tool to install return springs as the Jerry Miculek method of using a ballpoint pen did not work for me. Several broken pens ended up in the trash can. I also learned the sear can fall out pretty easily...I was extremely fortunate to find that tiny sear spring.

I think I'm really going to enjoy this revolver. I'll post a picture at some point.

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