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WOW, Gary all I can say is WOW. I followed the link and viewed some of their work. Absolutely outstanding. Do you have any idea on pricing?

This would appear to be very skilled hand labor and as we all know, that usually equates to $$$$$$$$.

Getting back to my revolver. Are all model 3 stocks the same? I think that I would prefer wood (being a carpenter) over the hard rubber.

Sal, I see two openings at the bottom of the cylinder window. With the gun broken open and when pulling the trigger, I see what appears to be a cylinder stop rising from the rear opening. At the same time it appears that I can see some part of the trigger falling away as the bottom of the trigger moves rearward. Common sense tells me that since there is an opening into the cylinder window, that something should protrude from that opening before the trigger is pulled. Perhaps if I am correct, that protruding piece would hold the cylinder in place and prevent the free spinning rotation that I am seeing now. Is that why the cylinder has what appears to be two stop notches, one rectangular and the front one more football shaped????

If I am correct, then it appears that my trigger is either missing something or there is gunk preventing some action.
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