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Originally Posted by noylj View Post
Did it come with the frame weight? Some folks always shot with the frame weight attached.
1) Buy a box of factory ammo and try it.
2) Never trust someone else's reloads
3) If firing L-HBWCs, be sure velocity is under 800 fps. Above that, and I get consistent separation of the skirt from the rest of the bullet and either get two holes in the target for each shot or I have a barrel obstruction left in the barrel. L-HBWCs are by far the most accurate, but you MUST keep velocity down.
4) If/when you decide to reload, I'll let you know the tricks I found to equal factory ammo for accuracy.
My only choice for this Model is wadcutter. It is all it will fire.

I won't fire it all that much unless i potentially get into competition shooting. I was more or less just interested to hear others experiences.

Again, I appreciate all the comments and suggestions.
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