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Brings me to another question on the Saint. Since the Saint is about $200 more than the Sport, has the BC furniture which I like on it already, mid-length gas system and nickel boron trigger. Is this worth an extra $100 bucks over the Sport II after I pay for my own Magpul upgrades?

I know the Saint also has a little harder barrel material (4150 vs 4140 steel) and has a 1:8 twist rate instead of 1:9. (But I doubt that would make much difference in my use)

I know a lot of folks aren't too crazy about Springfield right now due to their Illinois politics, but I have an XDS 9mm pistol which has been rock solid.

I've heard some horror stories on Springfield's customer service which concern's me a bit.

I own a S&W 15-22 and a .22 Compact. I have had trouble with both right from the start. MY 15-22 had FTF/FTE issues where the extractor had to be replaced and the .22 compact needed a new barrel as it was shooting high. So, my experience with S&W hasn't been stellar so far.

Any other opinions on the Springfield Saint as a value proposition?

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