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---Have you tried adjusting the brightness? Sometimes lowering the brightness can clear it up. Also, if you have the rear peep mounted try looking through the peep, sometimes that is enough to make the dot look crisp and clear (pinhole effect).---

Yes, the brightness doesnt affect anything but looking through the rear sight does counteract the starburst affect.... but whats the pint in a RDS if i still have to look through the rear sight? Thanks for the recommendation though.

The simple solution is to purchase some Prescription Shooting Glasses. You shouldn't EVER shoot without eye protection and if you want to shoot with iron sights or a reflex sights seeing the sights clearly is a real advantage if you are shooting for precision. BTW, even a scope won't correct for Astigmatism, all it will so is provide for more magnification and when your eyes get tired you won't be able to see the reticle. Take it from an old fart who has learned these lessons with EXPERIENCE.

Thank you, and yes If I wear my RX polarized sunglasses everything is fine. Its just my personal preference that I dont want to have to be wearing a particular pair of glasses to be able to fully use my sight. Also, prismatic scopes with etched reticles are suppose to work without distortion for people with an astigmatism. Apparenlty its the eye that cant properly compute the light from the red dot.. Also my cheap 4x32 scope on my 10/22 works perfect, with no distortion.

You don't need that "crisp, bright, perfect red dot" for the sight to be effective, focus on the target not the dot like you should and you will hit the target

Yes, I do... The problem isnt that the dot just looks blurry.. the supposed to be 2moa dot is huge. I can aim at my target 10 yards away and the dot cover a 3-4inch area.. When I aim my neighbors house, focusing on the house wall, the dot covers half the wall. You cant hit what you cant see.. and at 50 yards I couldnt see half a wall, no way I could see normal sie target.

Thanks for all the replies and info but bottom line is this is not going to work for me.. If I have to wear my glasses everytime I shoot id rather use iron sights or try a prism scope.
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