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Originally Posted by bevans555 View Post
As I was looking through the RDS out a window, I decided I better grab my RX polarized sunglasses because everything past 15 yards is fuzzy without glasses to me. I put them on and BAM!, theres that crisp, bright, perfect red dot I've heard so many talk about. After researching why is it clear only with RX polarized sunglasses, I read its due to an astigmatism. This sucks!
Yep, same story here. But I wear my prescription distance glasses all the time, including while I shoot. Why wouldn't you? Were you planning on shooting long guns without your glasses and not being able to clearly see downfield?

For you guys wondering if it's the dot or your eyes.... The dot probably looks like a cluster of grapes, a smear or a comet with a short tail or two. Hold the optic in your hand and while looking through it rotate it in your hand. If the cluster of grapes and all the rest doesn't rotate with the optic then your eyes are the problem.

Generally, 99% of the time it will be your eyes and not the optic. Even the cheapest of my red dots under a camera is perfectly round.

ps. SPARC AR + ten 30rd Magpul PMAGS is at Palmetto for $199. Free shipping.

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