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Originally Posted by ChattanoogaPhil View Post
Yep, same story here. But I wear my prescription distance glasses all the time, including while I shoot. Why wouldn't you? Were you planning on shooting long guns without your glasses and not being able to clearly see downfield?

I wear my RX sunglasses everytime I step outside, I dont wear my regular eyeglasses becuase they dont fit properly and are constantly unlevel and sliding, and Ive been back 3 times to lenscrafters alredy to have them fix them.

Also as I mentioned I dont have a public range to go to so this rifle purchase was never meant to be a long range rifle.

I just wanted something fun to shoot and if ever there was a SHTF/crisis it would fill that role.. Now, i hate using "SHTF" because im not a prepper or survivalist( not anything against it) but I wanted this to be able to handle up close to medium range. I feel like if there ever was a SHTF moment and I needed that rifle it would be useless if I lost or broke my sunglasses. If I had planned on using this for 100 yards and further I would have bought a scope to begin with.

But , im open to any suggestions but I honestly feel like if you guys could see what I see it would be unacceptable and you would start looking for an optic that works for you, instead of keeping an optic that you have to work for.
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