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Originally Posted by Mack View Post
You don't need that "crisp, bright, perfect red dot" for the sight to be effective, focus on the target not the dot like you should and you will hit the target.
Up until recently, I shot with safety glasses and soft contacts. My contacts weren't corrected for my astigmatism, but the aberration wasn't that bad. My red dot was fuzzy but fairly uniform in shape, so the center was pretty much in the center. No big deal. More of a "cosmetic" issue.


"Why isn't my dot round or why is it fuzzy?

This usually indicates an astigmatism problem. Even with 20/20 vision, you may still have an astigmatism. Glasses will also cause problems with the dots clarity and shape. Try different powered glasses to determine if this is what is causing imaging problems. Incorrect brightness settings will also cause the dot to flare. Always start with the lowest brightnest setting first and then turn up until you reach the desired level of brightness and a clear shape. If it starts to distort, turn the knob back down.
Please bear in mind, multiple dots, poor dot clarity or irregular shaped dots are rarely caused by the sight itself. The majority of issues of this nature are caused by: Poor user vision, glasses, readers, bifocals, trifocals or incorrect brightness settings. The dot is formed by an LED shining through an aperture onto a mirror, the mirror passes everything but the red light. There are no wearing parts that would change the dot. "
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