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For me your situation has an easy solution. If you can only have one gun and you don't plan to carry it I would definitely purchase the SD9ve. The trigger is not that bad either - if you want to improve it, you can install a $20 Apex trigger kit and add night sights which I think are the same as the M&P. Also has a rail for a laser or light. I also found it to be very reliable and accurate. And oh BTW - it can be carried discreetly with the right clothing and rig. Good luck on whatever decision you make.

PS dan323 makes a good point to try it before you buy it. However, I think you will be hard pressed to find a SD9ve for rent at your local range. Let's face it - most ranges sell guns too and they aren't pushing to sell a SD9ve at that low price point. "ve" means value enhanced.

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