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I happened across this thread looking for something else, realized I have something to contribute:

When I bought this online it came out of a gun store in northern Idaho.

What I know about this gun is that it's just fantastic. Someone wanted a fast reloading belly gun in the 1940s, and decided to upgrade a Model 3 DA. The action is excellent, and and the modified hammer is a big improvement. I'm pretty sure all the factory did with it was a reblue, but someone could probably tell me if I am wrong there.

The Hammer modification + coming from as the shop owner told me 'An old guy who said he had it for years' in Northern Idaho leads me to think that it was worked over by Herb Bradley, who as near as I can find online was the guy who cooked up this firing pin arrangement, which was used by Christy Gunworks, and ultimately Ruger.

In any case, it's really at the top of my list for favorite guns. The Sandersons have been somewhat poorly fitted to the gun. Sometime I need to find the right woodworker to finish that work. Also, I figure someone shot it a bunch after most of the work was done and realized the square bit on the trigger guard was a problem, and had it rounded off, since that's not blued like the rest of the gun.
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