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I've had my eye on getting a 15-22 for some time now and was finally able to snag one up in a trade a couple weeks ago. Prior to that, I did as much research on the OOB issue as I could based on what was out there. I also contacted S&W about it in hopes they'd tell me it was all good and nothing to worry about. Part of my concern was seeing an owner online that had posted pics of his 15-22 Sport with significant damage caused by OOB. That was on a factory new rifle just a couple weeks ago. The response I received from S&W did very little to ease my nerves about purchasing the rifle known by so many to have safety issues. In their own words

"This is not a common problem with this firearm and any firearm purchased new has a lifetime warranty to the original owner so that if you were to experience any problems with your firearm during its life you can send it back to the factory for evaluation under your warranty and potential repairs. If you have any other questions please feel free to contact us Thank you and Have a Great Day!"
From what I understand the OOB issue dates back several years and to know that current models coming new out of the factory are still experiencing the issue is unsettling. To say that this is "not a common problem" is undeniably false and exudes a sense of denial. Until S&W recognizes that their platform is indeed prone to this issue, I doubt Appleseed will relax their stance on the issue and nobody can really blame them for it.
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