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Originally Posted by Logman78 View Post
From what I understand the OOB issue dates back several years and to know that current models coming new out of the factory are still experiencing the issue is unsettling. To say that this is "not a common problem" is undeniably false and exudes a sense of denial. Until S&W recognizes that their platform is indeed prone to this issue, I doubt Appleseed will relax their stance on the issue and nobody can really blame them for it.
I've seen a few references to this and I believe one other issue. Certainly no fanboy of S&W I must ask what makes this OOB experience a common problem? In other words, I guess I'd need to see rifles sold / discharged numbers / OOBs, etc. As a side note, while researching the OOB issue moments ago, I ran across one of those lawyer ads, not all that different from those on tv. The lawyer cited the two different 15-22 issues. Both examples referenced "she" as the shooter. I question the odds of a "she" each time. It then provides a brief background on this personnal injury attorney: "In terms of five-dollar words, James is a millionaire. Born in North Texas to two college professors, he is glad both to learn and to teach, and the law provides ample opportunities for both."
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