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Originally Posted by 292 View Post
...An 8 3/8" 29-2... I still can't shoot a handgun worth a hoot but it sure is fun trying.
I smile the big smile when I see that statement.

First of all, I love that you have fun when shooting your revolvers - that is exactly what the shooting sports are all about and I am guessing that since your son and wife conspired to get you that 8.375" barreled 29-2, you spend time shooting as a family.

Second, I generally do not shoot most of my 44 Magnums, but when I do, I shoot the first shot well, but every shot thereafter...not so well. I have decided that I am NOT one of those shooters that has to shoot the most punishing loads to have fun (...which is what the shooting sports is all about). Although, I do have to admit, that on occasion it is fun to bring out the hand cannons to blow up milk jugs or some other such fun.

Third, I love shooting .38 Specials (with an occasional cylinder of 357's) in my N-Frame 357s - now that is a fun and pleasant experience. I have discovered that .38 Special's punch holes in paper just as well as .44 Magnums, albeit a bit smaller holes.

Fourth, I take lots of new shooters shooting with me. The teenage boys and men all want to shoot the 44 Mags, but I have had very few of them shoot more than 6 shots of 44 mag. They quickly find shooting the 38 Specials (and even 22 LR's) to be more fulfilling, as they start to take instruction, hit what they're aiming at and don't feel like someone is banging the palm of their shooting hand with a small sledge hammer every time they pull the trigger. The women that shoot, instantly gravitate to the 22's and 38's and become much more accurate, much more quickly.

Fifth, welcome to the forum! But know that if you really want to show your Smith Fandom, you need to post some photos of your guns... We love photos.

All the best and thanks for sharing,
Engraved S&W fan

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