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Originally Posted by Majorlk View Post
With all due respect, you're giving out some bad advice. Butchering the lower receiver is not a good idea and could likely void the warranty. I have three 15-22s and none exhibit the "problems" you describe.
Yes, you are correct. My bad, and I'm sorry. Suggesting that one should just modify their brand new firearm before contacting the mfg is not good advice. I recall reading about this same issue on the rimfire forums and new pins, etc were suggested. What I said about staking the pin, and new pins should be the last resort, and preferably on an out of warranty Smith & Wesson. Apologies! (I read read what I had posted)

If you do get a 15-22 that has loose holes they will more than likely have to re-issue a new receiver or put in oversize pins as you can make a hole bigger, but not smaller as such. I've worked as a drill press operation at Boeing and hole tolerance can be hard enough to hold on metal, let alone on polymer/plastic. I've made lower receivers out of 80% lowers and getting the hole correct for those pins is pretty critical. Oversize means scrap and start over.

Now with Polymer there is more "tricks" that can be done, as mentioned, just to tighten up an out of spec hole, but it's only as a last resort.

If S&W got more firearms like these back they might strongly suggest to the manufacturing process that these hole need to be better addressed in the future. They can't fix something if they don't think it's broken. So, if there are several of these out there that have out of spec holes for those pins, then they need to address that.
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