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Originally Posted by Disabled1 View Post
All this hype about a round that is only going to punch holes in paper. Or, are you going to use it for something sinister?
I don't think I will have to use my AR's to pick off a burglar, or any criminal at 100 yards or more, so that's why I just punch holes in paper. If my life is threatened, I will most likely use an M&P .40, 5906, shotgun, etc. And, it will probably be if they break into my house.
Are these rounds you are referring to, do they give you more satisfaction that they cost a lot more than other ammo, say, WOLF, WINCHESTER, UMC? I mean, I'm lost as to why someone pays BOOKOO money for .223/5.56 ammo to punch holes in paper, when there is cheaper priced ammo. Can someone explain it to me like I were a 6 year old? (From the movie Philidelphia)
I Paid $6.49 a box for IMI 55 grain FMJ. I just bought a case ( to split with shooting buddies) of IMI 62 grain Penetrator green tip, for $6.80 a box, not much difference. Where I work, I have access to as much scrap steel, of varying thicknesses as I want. We take it to the range and shoot at it at anywhere from 50 to over 100 yards. We experiment to see what the penetration is, based on thickness and distance and it's fun. We even bet on it.
Not everyone uses it for nefarious purposes. I hope this answers your question.
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