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Originally Posted by bigggbbruce View Post
In the private sector it could be considered murder because you could flee instead of engaging.

Flee and leave your partner with a rifle aimed at him??? I don't think too many people would want you backing them up. (going with the info provided). Point a gun a someone armed, what do you expect??? Suicide by police???
I think the point he was making is that private citizens are looked at more closely. The Zimmerman case is a good example, if that had been an OD officer I doubt there would have been charges. Yes there is always a public outcry, but DA's tend to cover for the people they work with.

To be fair though many civilians carry to protect themselves, or their loved ones. They may not have got involved, when Giffords was shot it turned out that a armed citizen was on scene but decided to not get involved. Other times armed citizens have saved police officers lives.

Of course if I am wrong to his intent with his post he can correct me.
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