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Default For Those of You That MUST Shoot Collectible S and W Revolvers.....

I offer the two Kansas City PD Pre-War .357 Magnums (still wearing original factory blue finish) shown below.

As I stated in a recent post (How Often Do You See..........) my friend Rich Bower stopped by to show me a couple of his latest acquisitions. One of them was KCPD NRM serial# 61959, the lower gun pictured below. I just happen to also have KCPD RM serial number 59384, Reg# 5008, so we took the opportunity to photograph them together.

My gun, which was one of 250 RM's shipped from the factory on September 7, 1939, still retains its original factory finish (approximately 95%) and configuration including the 4" barrel, Baughman Quick Draw front sight on a King Ramp base, square notch rear sight, and Magna grips numbered to the gun. I understand there may be some question about the originality of the Humpback hammer, but I like it regardless of whether the factory installed it or the KCPD armorer did. My gun was originally sighted at 25 yards with .357 Magnum ammunition using a 6 o'clock hold.

Rich's NRM, serial# 61959, which was one of 26 NRM's shipped from the factory on July 3, 1940, still retains its original factory finish (approximately 90%) and 4" barrel. The Baughman Quick Draw front sight has been replaced with a McGivern Gold Bead, the square notch rear sight has been replaced with a King #112 white outline rear sight, and the fine Magna grips it is now wearing are not original to the gun. This gun was originally sighted at 25 yards with .357 Magnum ammunition using a dead center hold.

Both guns have seen some range time since in our possession. My RM shoots pretty much dead center on plates at 20 meters with 38 Special 158GR Plated Semi-Wadcutter rated at 800 FPS. Rich's NRM was shooting a little high when we took it out this week and we were below a 6 o'clock hold to hit the 20 meter plates with the same ammunition. We lowered the rear sight some after we got back from the range (did not have the small screw driver needed at the range) but were not able to test it so Rich still needs to do some sighting work on the gun.

Having shot both guns a number of times (and mine with 38 Special +P and .357 Magnum ammunition as well as the wadcutters), for me shooting the Pre-War N frame .357's is as good as it gets. In addition to that, owning, researching, and caring for a firearm that performed police service during some of the rough and tumble times in Kansas City is an honor and has been very interesting and rewarding.

Anyway, thanks for letting us share.

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