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Originally Posted by Tom 3Persons View Post
Well, to finish this one off, Hondo44 answered this question in a different thread, here it is:
It is not listed in Neal and Jinks pg. 203-205 as one of the 812 .44 1st Models converted to 455. Therefore it is a category 2. TL.

Thanks for the help Jim,
Hi Tom,

You're very welcome. I agree with the above member that it shipped in 1914. It's a low # in the British contract special serial # series that began with #1 in 1914.

So its serial #/shipping date will not correspond to when any 44 TLs or 44 TLs converted to 455 were shipped because they're in the regular TL production serial series which began in 1908.

Rarity: Any of the 455 TLs are 10 times less numerous than the 455 2nd Models, so clearly scarcer. Although at close to 7000 produced they are not rare. However, any TL is collectible; the 455s less than the 44spl TL regular production. And as always, the better the condition, the higher the desirability and of course value.

The # in the yoke is an assembly # and should match the serial # before about 1959.

ASSEMBLY (factory work) #s: These multi-digit numbers of 3 to 5 digits, are on the yoke at the hinge, in the ‘yoke cut’ on frame (accompanied with a stamped inspector letter) opposite the yoke near the hinge, and inside of the sideplate, for the pre war and early post war period. Once the gun is shipped, the only use for the assembly is to confirm the three parts it's stamped on are original.

In 1957 the assembly # in the yoke cut of the frame was relocated to the left side of grip frame after model #s were assigned and the serial # was eventually added in the ‘yoke cut’ where the assembly #, now moved to the left side of the grip frame, used to be. You know they are assembly (factory work) #s because of those 3 locations that always match on guns that are original, and that’s the only usefulness for them after guns leave the factory; still used to this day, long after serial number locations decreased.
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