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Anything the Army would have ordered would have been a 39 and not a 39-2. The 39-2 did not come around until about 1970 so I am going to have to go with it is a nickel gun with a finish that perhaps someone knocked a bit of the shine off of in the past. 39-2's came in blue or nickel with the later nickel guns having blue controls.

No one in the S&W community has ever said ANYTHING about a non-blued stainless 39 of any type. I have learned never to say never when it comes to what S&W may or may not have made but none of the S&W publications by the historians have ever mentioned a non-blued stainless 39.

If your 39-2 doesn't look like one of these then I'm going to need some convincing. JMHO.

Blue, nickel and nickel with blue controls.
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