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Originally Posted by chief38 View Post
As "cornie" as this might sound, after all the unbelievable customer service Dillon provides to their customers I would not even think of buying parts for their equipment after market just to save a few bucks.

Even IF the after market parts did work OK, I want Dillon parts on my Dillon Machine. If anything what so ever breaks or fails - they will take care if it - no questions asked.

Why does everyone tout the great Dillon Customer service and no questions asked??

Their CS should never have to be used, right?

To quote someone "It shouldn't have broke in the first place!"

If the quality is so good then it should last forever and no one should have to replace anything,

Why does Dillon sell a replacement part kit??? So you do not "waste Time" waiting for a part mailed to you??. Time is money!

Anyway.Several places sell them

Brownells has theirs, Forever Guaranty!
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