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Originally Posted by ridgewalker View Post
I'm not looking for an argument but that is a really negative point of view regarding modern S&W revolvers. I believe you had a bad experience but while I have seen an occasional less than perfect gun at some gun shops, all my guns have been fine.
Sadly, that's not the case for an increasing amount of fellow enthusiasts. And it really isn't fair to them, to say that"all my guns have been fine". We realize that most people have had good results. But if you happen to have that"other" experience... Well you're going to expect some patience, and a helpful, sympathetic ear.

As to the op's suggestion. I think it has merit, but I don't know if it'd actually work. If I were in the market for a new piece, I'd try to find a place that has knowledgeable people. So we can get a couple sets of eyes and hands on the gun. Hopefully it'll be enough, if not, then back to Smith it goes.
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